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Upgrades '04-'09 Toyota Priuses to plup-in hybrid electric vehicles. 

Better World    Improve your CARma.  Roadside Assistance. Travel. Insurance. Advocacy.
BMWi Electric    i8 concept car.  3 cylinder TwinPower Turbo Engine. Low as 3 liters per 100 km mileage. 
Chevy Volt   GMs Future Car, the Volt working for a 2010 release.  40 miles on battery. 300 mpg??
Clean Auto   Informative MSN report on environmental automobiles 
Clean Car    Waterless car wash. Environmentally friendly wash with microfiber towels.
CODA   The all electric car company
Dynasty Car    Zero emission, electric Low Speed Vehicles for urban, recreational, low mile usage
eeFuel    Free Fuel in Every Tank!  Protecting engines, defending the environment.
EnViroMotors   Southern California's 100% Electric car dealership
  The world's first high performance luxury electric vehicle with extended range
Ford Fiesta    The ECOnetic DIESEL 2011 Fiesta is rated at over 60 MPG 
Ford Focus    4-cylinder gas, 4-speed. 24/34 MPG with 409 mile range 
GE WattStation    Electric car charger.  Revolution the electric vehicle ecosystem. 
Giz Mag Gallery    The Car that runs on AIR.  Zero pollution and very low running costs 
Go Green     Distinctive styling, ease of use, low cost of operation and environmental friendliness  
Green Lite Motors    The safety and comfort of a car – plus 100MPG efficiency
Hyundai Hybrid    Hyundai's first hybrid is a Sonata.  37 mpg ave.  New thinking, new possibilities. 
Myers Motors   Transform your driving. Transform your world.  Globally Cool Transportation.
MiEV   Mitsubishi Motors MiEV subcompact, four-door, all electric sedan
Nissan LEAF   Electric car built on cell-phone network concept. Pay for miles (not minutes)
Plug-in America   Why Plug-in cars?  NO gas required. Zero emissions. NO noise. NO kidding!
Plug-in Cars    No Gas required. Zero emmissions.  No Noise. [TOYOTO,  TELSA,  CHEVROLET] 
SABA Motors    "Red Hot Performance - Green Vehicles" 
SMART CAR   Oxnard "Smart" sales and service center.  Smart for two coupes and cabriolets.
Tata Nano    The world's cheapest car (from India) could cost $8,000 in the USA 
Tesla   Stylish design. 244 miles EPA.  Top speed 125 mph. You'll like the look 
Toyota Prius   Eco-car leader since development now testing plug-in version of this hybrid.
Ultra Motor   Lithium ion battery power bike.  20 miles per charge / more if you pedal.  20 mph.
VW Jetta   Over 40 MPG w/559 mile range.  Rebate eligible.  Diesel 4 cylinder 
Wheego    All electric . 40 mile range. Two seats plus plenty of cargo room 
Zenn Car   Earth-friendly ZENN, the Zero Emission, No Noise fully-featured electric vehicle.


  brammo racing.png


vehicles         cycles & scooters         alternative transit           RVs & Watercraft          environmental products        back to top


 image_brammo_logo_design_02_submissionfull.jpg   Brammo Electric Cycles .                                                                             
Enertia Brammo.jpg
A leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America.  Top racing electric cycle in the world, reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph.  80 mpg on newest battery pack.  Simplified charging and outstanding graphics and design.
  Electric scooters and bikes.  No gas.  No license.  No registration.
  Electric cruise:  Plug In,  Ride On.  Customizable.
e-Ride Truck
  Manufacturer of Neighborhood electric vehicles and electric utility vehicles
  100% Electric Bicycle.  No registration, drive license, insurance.  Eco-friendly
Green Bee
  Electric vehicles.  No gas, no emissions, just plug and go.
Solar Electric Scooters
Solar Scooters. 0 emissions, 0 cost to charge. 20 miles per charge. 3.7  seconds from 0-15 mph. To show people what their current choices are, and To create new and innovative energy products to increase their choices.
Tom Kent Design
  Concept tri-wheel car converts to cycle width for traffic maneuverability on the go.




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Bicycle Coalition LA    Building a better bike-able Los Angeles County 
ET3   Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies.  "Space travel on Earth."  50x more transportation per KWh than cars or trains at 1/10th the cost.  You'll be amazed when you visit this site (CC) 
Gold Coast Transit    Provides fixed-route bus services in the cities of Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Ventura, and in the unincorporated County areas between.
Los Angeles Metro    Serves as transportation planner and coordinator, designer, builder and operator for one of the country's largest, most populous counties
Malibu Electric Bikes    Electric bicycle reseller dealing in the most modern eBike vehicles and accessories from around the world 
rideshare      Carpool. Increasing the number of passengers reduces overall commuting costs
Transition L A    Guiding our communities from oil dependency to local resilience 
Walkable LA   

Los Angeles is the 13th most walkable large city in the U.S. with a Walk Score of 66.  Los Angeles' most walkable neighborhoods by "Walk Score."

Water Power
  Water Power car plans and concepts.
Water Power Cars
  Cars that run on water power.  Not just a concept anymore. 



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Airstream    Travel trailers: Value, stability, durability,  lightweight, streamlined, fuel efficient. 
American Beauty    Blends classic wooden boat sophistication with electric, green-marine technology 
Cricket Trailer    Versatile, stowable, environmentally-thoughtful outdoor adventure 
Duffy Electric Boats   Celebrating 40 years of green electric boat manufacturing 
ElectraCraft    The world's leading manufacturer of electric power boats
Lear Electric Boats    The future of electric marine.  Check out the Lear 204 Convertible. 
Sailboats Unilimited    Leading sailboat supplier.  Unlimited options. 
Solar Dinghy    Green solar powered electric driven boat 
Solar Sailor    Low cost & emissions, passenger comfort & low impact on the environment


vehicles       cycles & scooters        alternative transit            RVs & Watercraft              environmental products            back to top


  Reduce harmful emissions, lower maintenance, save money, extend engine life



vehicles        cycles & scooters        alternative transit           RVs & Watercraft        environmental products         back to top

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