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 insulation         noise control          moisture protection         roofing        back to top



 insulation         noise control          moisture protection         roofing        back to top


Aluma-Foil   Radiant Barrier prevents heat gain, reduces heat loss.  Insulation and windows.
Agribalance   Spray foam insulation.  New standards of energy efficiency, performance & quality.
Bayer    Spray polyurethane foam. Sustainable development program. Life cycle assessments. 
Bellwether    Sheep's wool insulation.  Non-toxic, biodegradable, natural resistance to fire, mold, pests 
CertainTeed    Sustainable Insulation.  Help build an environment of change. (tm) 
Demilec   Spray foam insulation - an important piece of the Green Building Puzzle.
Eagle Shield    Reflective & traditional insulation. Solar attic fans & shades. Radiant barriers
ECOBATT   Therman/acoustical Insulation. Sustainable. No formaldehyde, acrylics, artificial colors 
ENERFLEX    Radiant barrier - easy to install.  Foils the need to crank up the air.
Green Energy    Green Energy Barrier.  Energy Star approved radiant energy barriers 
Green Fiber   Natural fiber insulation, fire, and sound products
HEATLOK    Spray polyurethane foam. Continuous insulation. Recycled plastics & renewable content. 
Icynene   Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient Insulation
InsulStar   High performance insulation. Energy Star Partner.  Closed cell insulation.
Johns Manville   Formaldehyde-free Fiber Glass Insulation.  (See also: www.JU.com/homeinsulation) 

Knauf Insulation-- Eco-Seal.  A better building envelope builds a better home.

LOW-E    Reflective Insulation reduces your carbon footprint.
NCFI   Spray foam polyurethane insulation.  A whole new comfort level, for you and the world
Oregon Shepherd   Sheep's wool insulation batting.
P2000   Addresses 3 types of heat transfer: conduction, convection, radiation
Progressive    Insulation and window installation and sales. 
SDI Insulation   Full Service GREEN insulation contractor.  Healthier, quieter, more energy efficient.
Solar Shading   Simple Window Solutions. Versatile, Powerful, Reliable, Adaptable.  Remote control.
UltraTouch   Environmentally safe, Mold resistant.  LEED.  Sound/Noise control.




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NOISE CONTROL  (Also See "Insulation" products)

EasyMat    Versatile underlayment for setting tile and stone with "SoundGard" (tm) technology 
Global Products   Think Green!  Sustainable Underlayments.  Silence, comfort, & warmth for your floor. 
Keene   Noise Control Products.  Acoustical Assurance
Quiet Home   Floor/Ceiling Assemblies.  Reduce footfall noise
Quiet Rock   Sound damping drywall, Quiet putty, Seal, Glue, Wood, Pad, Tile.  Quiet your home.
dB-3   Sound, Air and Moisture Barrier.  A post-industrial recycled product.



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Basement Systems    CleanSpace crawl space vapor barrier  in your home ensures a healthier home
Community Action   Weatherization.  Free energy-saving services: eligible renters & homeowners
DAP    Indoor/outdoor use.  Mold & mildew resistant.  Watertight.  Paintable 
Delta   Below grade drainage products.  Systems for building healthier homes.
Energy Edge    Insulate the outside edge of a building slab.  Completes the building envelope.
Environmental Home   Complete Home evaluation to evaluate heat, air, moisture, chemical balance
Epicentersales   Build the waterproofing - "Krystolize Your Concrete"
KRBConstruction    Mold Removal. Water & Fire Damage.  Remediation, Restoration, Remodeling
Lomanco Inc.   Ventilation products to control moisture & heat: Louvers, vents.
M-D Building   Weatherproof your home. Seals, foam tape, weatherstrip. Door Jambs, & more
mfm   Weatherproofing and Sealing systems
ProtectoWrap    Premium building products that protect, weatherproof, pest infiltration
Quickflash   Flashing panels for wall penetrations.  Why take the risk?
SoyGuard   Protects wood and much more. 
Sporgard   Mold protection for your home and family
Stego Wrap   Vapor barriers/ vapor retarder 
TYPAR   Weather Protection Systems. House wrap to stop air & moisture infiltration.
wedi   Waterproof tile backer and shower systems.  The total system for wet areas. 



  roofing metalroofingmacom.pngwww.metalroofingma.com

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BlueTurtle   Green-Certified roofing company.  S.F. Bay area roofing leader. 
Boral    Energy efficient roofing system.  Warmer in winter, cooler in summer. 
CRRC    Cool Roof Rating Council - helping your building to be more comfortable & energy efficient
Cool Roofing   Cool Roof Rating Council.  Reliable information source about roofing products.
DECRA    Stone coated steel roofing systems.  Ageless Beauty. Recycled.
Delta Vents   Highly breathable underlayment for outstanding performance in sheathed roofs.
eco-shake   Genuine wood shake alternative.  100% recycled materials. Class A fire rating.
Eco-Star   Natural look & feel of real shake or slate without harming the environment.
GenFlex   Proven residential roofing systems. Clean. Simple. Durable.  Also: www.GenTite.com
GreenGrid    Modular roof system that can green a roof and contribute to LEED certification 
Met Tile   Metal roof tile with the appearance of Spanish tile 
Monier   Monier-Lifetile. Manufacturers of concrete roofing tiles.
O'Hagins   Attic Vents for all types roofing: Tile, clay tile, flat tile, slate, composition
RainTube   Eco Friendly gutter protection.
rooflite    Certified Green Roof Media systems for growing natural, green roofs 
Skyline Roofing    Look of standing seam panel with concealed, through fastener design. Metal roofing.
Sole    The LEED advantage.  Sole Power Tile provides sustainable energy generation.
Tamco   Sustainable building solutions.  Roofing and other products for the home.
Titan Metal   Standing seam metal roofing panels.  Cool-roof reflective paint. 
Tremco   Cool roofs save energy.  Energy Star flat roofing system.
U.S.Tile   Authentic Clay Tile.  The Old-World Standard for Today.
Western    Western Roofing Systems.  Your Neighborhood Professionals.  1-866-372-2610 

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