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Green Living Tips
Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle
   Description: Household items and "garbage" that you may have thought you were unable to recycle.
Shopping to Avoid Pesticides in Food
   Description: A shopping guide from LadybugJane.com of foods with the highest and lowest levels of pesticides.
How to Avoid GMOs in Food
   Description: In the U.S., 70% or more of the foods in your supermarket contain genetically modified ingredients.
Eco-Friendly Wines
   Description: How to Buy Eco-Friendly Wines. A guide for decoding the labels and selecting your best choices.
Keep Food Fresh Longer
   Description: 23 Tips to keep food fresh a little longer. From: "Natural Home & Garden," May/June 2012
Root Cellars and Cool Storage
   Description: Easy to store crops from your garden can last a long time in a root cellar or a cool storage area.
Renovation Tips
   Description: The "greenest" home renovations meet personal needs with the lowest impact on the environment.
Plan Your Own Green Projects
   Description: Find out how to cut power usage and greenhouse gas emissions in half
To buy or not to buy - that is the question!
   Description: Things you should never buy again and things that you should look for when buying. (FAIR TRADE)
Eco-Ideas (10) for Your Home
   Description: Eco ideas for your home
Holiday Decor: Hunt and Gather
   Description: Natural materials make extraordinary holiday decor. Learn more at EmilyThompsonFlowers.com.
Green Wedding (15) Tips
   Description: Tips for an Elegant Green Wedding.
Wedding & Engagement Ideas
Green Honeymoon (7) Tips
   Description: An eco-friendly honeymoon offers the perfect blend of romance and eco-responsibility.
Reduce Your Ecological Impact: 10 Ways
   Description: There are hundreds of ways that each of us can choose to reduce our carbon footprint- here are 10:
   Description: 18 Ways to Save Energy (and Money) at Home. Eco-chic living.
How to GREEN Your Office
   Description: Whether your office is large or if yo work from home, these tips will help to save money & energy.
Tips (11) for Starting a New Garden
   Description: The best method of starting a new garden and reaping the benefits.
Steps (6) to a Successful Garden
   Description: How to build, plant, care for and harvest a successful garden.
Regional Crop Favorites
   Description: Top 25 Food crops in the US. Easiest to grow, most wanted, best use of time/space, easiest to store
   Description: 10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow and the Top 15 Vegetable Seed Comapanies.
Natural Methods for Controlling Common Garden Pests
   Description: Naturally control common garden pests: Three top controls for each listed pest, terms and conditions
Water Conservation Basics
   Description: Creating a drought-tolerant doesn't mean you can't grow your favorite plants if you follow the rules
Ten Ways to Lower Your Water Flow
   Description: Ten Ways to Lower Your Water Flow
Invasive vs. Non-Invasive Plants
   Description: When landscaping, it is important to use plants that are native or non-invasive to protect nature.
Native Plants: 12 California Choices
   Description: Some native plants are knows to thrive in a wide range of climates & soils. Easy species & cultivars
Sustainable Landscape (10) Tips
   Description: Nature By Design - Ten Steps for a Sustainable Landscape
Reasons (7) to Plant a Tree
   Description: Seven great reasons to plant a tree. An easy, inexpensive way to take another green step.
Reasons (10) to Plant Trees with American Forests
   Description: Don't have your own land to plant a tree? Join a national movement. Local projects are great as well
   Description: A form of bodywork that has been described as a cross between partner yoga and Thai massage.
Benefits of Green Energy Audit
   Description: What are the benefits of an Energy Audit ?
Personal Care Product Watch List
   Description: A guide of personal-care products &the ingredients to avoid in lotino, shampoo and deodorant labels
Best Books for Wiser Living
   Description: For more resources visit the "Green Library" page on the "YellowPagesforGreenStuff.com" web site.
   Description: When the 2012 IECC went into effect, builders in jurisdictions that adopt it will face these changes
Easy (8) Projects for Instant Energy Savings
   Description: Projects for saving energy at home and projects to save you money
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