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American Green    Custom homebuilder/general contractor. Prefab and modular housing.
AndersonAnderson   Factory-built wood or steel modules, concrete-based prefabricated systems & log
asul   Responds to your site, reflects your lifestyle, & meets your budget.
blu / Homes   Inspired designs, sophisticated green standards and quality construction - eco-friendly
built   Modern designers who design, build, & furnish unique residential spaces
Clayton iHouse   Affordable, Eco-friendly Modular Homes. 1 & 2 bedroom plus guest house/flex room
connect-homes    Modern homes that are affordable, green and available wherever you are 
design build   Single source responsibility: communication, cost & time savings, flexibility
E-Space   Eco-systematic planning. Regenerative design. Adapts built environment to nature.
ecofabulous   Recycled materials, reclaimed space. Home, fashion, beauty, & lifestyle products.
eco offisite   Design build services to take your project from concept to move-in
EcoShack   Eco living. See also: www.thenomadyurt.com
Eco-Struction   Believing the built environment is a reflection of our relationship with the planet
ecotech west   Cost-effective, sustainable & architecturally innovative construction design
Electrolux   Modern living by ecofabulous. Great use of eco-products & reclaimed materials.
Empyrean   Sustainable home building systems. "Nexthouse". Eco-friendly design/construction.
Garrison   Custom design using prefab construction and modular housing
Go Design   Intriguing prefab design in California
Green Horizon   On-demand, self-sustaining housing solutions. Emergency or Temporary.
Green Modular   Modular energy efficient, solar homes.
Hive Modular   Beautiful. Modern. Prefab. Contemporary modular homes.
HOM   Simple, purposeful, ecological, crafted. Prefab modular homes & Eco-home products
Hybrid House   Prefab structural frames Eco-friendly materials, design strategies.
HUF HAUS    Beautiful, Sustainable, Luxurious, Yours!  Also:  www.dotgreenusa.com  
IQ haus   Contemporary design, European cabinetry, Energy efficiency. Little or no VOCs.
Kithaus   Prefab simplicity. Quick assembly time. Sleek lines. Affordable pricing.
Lawrence   Traditional and Alternative home building.
Lifepod   Modular building, garages, sheds with built-in solar panel roofing.
Lindal Cedar   Environmentally conscious design. Natural & sustainable materials.
Living Homes     www.livinghomes.net.  Create a Virtual Living Home C6, with your choice of finishes and fixtures, at
Logical Homes   Eco-friendly home design and building
Marmol   Recycled steel construction. Solar powertec. Sustainable materials.
Method Homes   Factory-built modules 80-95% complete trucked to the site
MINARC   Kit-of-parts houses built from a library of preselected materials
mini HOME    HMK Prefab homes. No vinyl, energy monitoring, renewable materials, no drywall, quality construction, optional off-grid systems.
mnmMod   Customizable building solutions: Affordable, Sustainable, Flexible, Gorgeous
MODAL   Environmentally sensitive, modular home design & construction
Modern Cabana   Back yard cabanas. Work, play, meditate, rest, escape, research, read, create.
Modern Homes   Unique modern homes in Palm Springs. Blueprint 4 Green!
Modern Shed   Modular sheds for a sustainable home work/live/play space.
Modular Lifestyles
  Advanced certified "green" building professional of OFF and ON grid homes.
NEW Avenue   Eco-cottages. Full service backyard cottage and small home company.
NexUrban    Sustainable performance living.  Innovative design, construction, & real estate development.  Sustainable materials & high performance systems. 
O HOME   Maximum sustainability, uncompromising design, a lifetime of value. Healthy buildings.
Opt For Wood   Ready to build modular wood houses & sustainable building materials
Passive House   Non-profit assn. of building professionals & citizens promoting passive house standards
Piece Homes   A line of green, modern, modular homes. Built in factories. Built to order.
Proto Homes   Hybrid-panelized system made in LA, then transported to & assembled at site
Reclaimed Space   More than just green. Reclaimed, restored, rebuilt, drop-ready delivery.
Rainier   Designed and built to be the best. A Yurt has more possibilities than you think.
Rocio Romero   Kit or parts, post & beam structure, roofing, & list of materials & parts to purchase
Sander Architects   Custom architecture using light-gauge metal building structures
Structure Home    Building homes that will last generations, building responsibly in a way that supports the neighborhood and the planet  
taalmankoch    Plug-it-in pre-fab home additions.  See also tkithouse.comblueskybuildingsystems.com, designplusconstruciton.com. 
Timberpeg   Beautifully crafted timber frame homes.
Turkel Design   Non-volumetric (kit of parts); component-based (panelized, modular)
WEEHOUSES   Factory-built module trucked to site includes everything but utility hookups /foundation


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After Homes    AFTER Homes: Affordable. Fire, Tornado, Earthquake Resistant Homes. 
Cal-Earth   California of Earth Art and Architecture. Earth dome homes.
Colorado Yurt   Yurts, tipis, tents. Simple, sustainable, & affordable home away from home.
ConGlobal   Retailer of new & used intermodal containers & specialty equipment
Deltec Homes   Energy efficient ROUND homes. Simple to build. Built to last.
Dome Homes   Timberline Geodesic dome homes. Plans and kits.
Dome Guys   Immediate. Mobile. Reliable. Geodesic domes for sale & rent worldwide.
Tumbleweed Houses
Buy house plans & build yourself, or buy ready made houses delivered to you.

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