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 solar energy         wind energy         alternative energy          state renewables & energy incentives          back to top


Absolutely Solar   Providing quality photovoltaic systems throughout the LA area
Acme Environmental   Radiant, solar, geothermal, advanced design, engineering, & installation
Akeena Solar   We make solar power easy
American Vision   Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Your declaration of energy independence.
Andalay   A whole new look to solar power. An integrated solar power system.
Apricus   Solar water heating systems for your home
Acro Energy   Installation, maintenance, & monitoring of solar systems w/small monthly fee
  American Solar Energy Society publishes Solar Today
  Unique Building Integrated Solar Thermal (BIST) and Photovoltaic (BIPV) products.  Dependable, certified, economical, simple.
Bonterra   Renewable energy and solar power. Save the planet. Save Money. Go Solar.
bpsolar   Powerful modules, innovative, award-winning design. Solar systems.
Builder's Solar   The smarter way to PV Solar Electricity - Professional Approach - Right Price
Built Green     Solar design & installation, tenant improvement, remodeling, maintenance
Build It Solar
  Advice and plans for do it yourself solar projects
California Green Designs   Solar design & integration.
California Solar   Thermal, photovoltaic solar, radiant heat , hydronic systems
Cal. Solar Elec   Own your own house? Now OWN your own POWER!
Calvert   Alternative power: WIND & SOLAR. Opportunities for investment.
Choices Energy   Small scale energy solutions:  providing choices on spending money for energy 
Coastal Const   Solar Electric Installations: Residential & Commercial
Codella Solar   Electrical Solar, swimming pool solar, tankless water heaters
Colored Solar
  Colored solar panels:  changing a Black PV world.
Community Solar  

Switch to clean energy from the sun. Save on your electric bill. See: PermaCity

Constant Solar   Economically smart. ecologically sound. Long warranties. Competitive prices
del Sol Energy   Bringing renewable energy to you & the community: Service, Application, Design
echo   Highest rated fire protection standards. Protects from rodent damage.
ECO App   Solar systems, tankless water heaters, LED lighting, Eco gadgets, and more
Enviro Plumbing   Solar Solutions: water heating, radiant floor heating
Environmental Solar   Tax credits for solar electric and solar thermal
envision solar   Solar power for your home.
Find Solar
  Get a ballpark price for a solar electric system & find solar professionals
Grid Tie Solar   Installation and sale of solar systems tied to the grid.
FUSIONSOLAR   Thin-film laminate solar integrated with a standing seam metal roof
imani energy    Solar power.  Energy efficiency. 
Llumar Magnum   Specialty films. Fade & Glare. Solar Control.
Lumos    LSX Canopy:  The modern solar / shelter solution 
M & M Solar   Aim for the Sun. Serving Southern California
Malibu Solar   Residential & commercial solar electric systems. PV Modules. Thermal hot water.
Martifer Solar   Complete spectrum of photovoltaic solutions adapted to client's individual needs
Mitsubishi Electric   LIFE powered by the sun. Photovoltaic modules.
Open Energy   Integrated solar systems. Efficient, enviro-friendly, & elegantly designed.
PermaCity Solar   Photovoltaics (PV) turning the sun into power. LEED Certification Support.
Petaluma Solar   Serving Sonoma's Solar needs. Solar power systems.
PetersenDean   Smarter Roof: Reflective roofing solar powers
Phat Energy   Solar options for Better Living. Electricity, water, ventilation.
Planet Solar    Installation & Design,  handling all details, paperwork and permits. We also use only the best panels and installation methods 
Premier Power   Produce Clean, Green Energy with Solar
Prime Solar   Solar electric contractor - sales & installation
Pristine Sun    We sell discounted solar electricity and provide turnkey renewable energy products and services to our customers.
Ready Solar   Solar electric systems. Fully assembled & pre-wired. Installs easily.
RealGOODS   Solar Systems designed to meet your optimal needs. Affordable, Smart.
Renewable Power   Solar power for your home and business. Renewable power solutions.
Renewables   Consultation service on building-integrated photovoltaic
R & M Tech   R&M Technologies. Solar energy specialists. ON or OFF grid.
REC Solar   Savings today. Energy Forever. Your local solar electricity specialists
Renewable Choice   Green power for Green buildings. "LEEDING" the way.
SKYSTREAM   Produce electricity in you own back yard with wind energy
SMA   Solar Power Professional. Clean, smart, renewable.
Solar City   Solar power systems for your home. Start saving today.
Solar Clover   Clean, renewable energy made affordable and attractive.
Solar Depot   Solar electric systems for your home.
Solar Electrical Systems   Innovative & economical residential solar power systems
Solar Energy Worx    Can provide a free system that produces clean, carbon-neutral electricity.       A variety of leasing, financing & power purchase agreements are available.
Solar Forward
  Residential and commercial solar system design, solar panel installation, and repairs in Southern California
Solar Optimum   Providing environmentally friendly, alternative, independent, affordable, & efficient energy
Solar Shutters   Shutters, custom made to your windows and doors with power producing panels
  Offers renewable, affordable, and portable energy to all, especially the two billion people who do not have access to grid electricity
SolarTronics   Solar electronic systems and installation.
Solar Universe Network   Solar installation & finance concept, making solar power easy & affordable
Solar World   Custom designed to maximize energy performance
Sun, Light, Power   A sensible solution. Photovoltaic cells providing solar thermal.
Sungevity   Make your home a hybrid. Supply 1/3 of your electricity needs
Sun Pacific   Residential, commercial, industrial PV Solar Installation
SUNPOWER   Solar Sun-power roofing systems. Solar panels, solar roof tiles
  Home Solar.  Handle everything involved, including free quotes and installation, performance guarantees and maintenance included.
Sunward   Solar hot water systems. Cut your hot water bills by up to 85%
Sun Dome   Sun domes built to withstand severe weather. See also: www.sun-dome.net
SuperGreen Solutions   Minimizing your carbon footprint: Solar Power, Hot Water Systems, Insulation
Trina   Vertically integrated manufacturer of high quality PV modules
VELUX   Solar water heating - making the sun work twice as hard.
Verengo Solar
  "Changing the way America thinks about solar - If we can't save you money we won't take your business"


 solar energy          wind energy          alternative energy          state renewables & energy incentives          back to top


Acme Environmental   Radiant, solar, geothermal, advanced design, engineering, & installation
Axiom   Enviro-Energies. Commercial, Industrial, & Residential WIND POWER
AWEA   American Wind Energy Association 
Calvert   Alternative power: WIND & SOLAR. Opportunities for investment.
Renewable Choice   Green power for Green buildings. "LEEDING" the way.
SKYSTREAM   Produce electricity in you own back yard with wind energy


 solar energy          wind energy          alternative energy          state renewables & energy incentives          back to top


Compost Biofuels

Although gases produced by composting are potentially harmful to the environment, two heat-loving fungi, often found in composts that self-ignite without flame or spark, could soon have new vocations. The complete genetic makeup of Myceliophthora thermophila and Thielavia terrestris has been decoded by an international group of scientists.The findings, published in Nature Biotechnology, may lead to the faster and greener development of biomass-based fuels, chemicals and other industrial materials

e-Guage   Real-time web-based energy monitor for renewable energy building demands & sub loads
  Transforming Municipal Solid Waste and other Bio-Wastes into clean, high cetane renewable diesel
Green Power   Solar, HVAC, GeoThermal, Wind, Controls, Energy management.
Outback Power
  Radian Series GS8048 inverter/charger provides a comprehensive answer for Grid-interactive and Standalone power systems.
Smart Energy   Smart Energy from NW Natural. Methane gas energy from: YES, Cows!  
Terrapass   Products that reduce your carbon footprint


 solar energy          wind energy          alternative energy          state renewables & energy incentives          back to top


American Solar   Solar technologies & governmental policies the support renewable energy
DsireUSA   Federal & state incentives for installing photovoltaics
Find Solar   Resources for learning about state and local incentives; plus installers
Green Power   Options for purchasing green power
NABC Energy Practioners   Find certified solar installers in your area
Uni-Solar   Lear about thin-film laminate products available for residential installers

 solar energy          wind energy          alternative energy         state renewables & energy incentives          back to top

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