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Gaian Institute

To help families and communities to grow from self-reliance to co-sufficiency by providing permaculture and preparedness products and programs.  Ben Lawson, Co-founder/Director





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Abundant Life Seeds
  Certified organic farming and seed cleaning operations from some of the finest organic and bio-dynamic seed farms in the world
Agrinaturals   Biological & Microbial Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoters & Biofertilizers 
Agromin   Soil for a greener world - a pioneer in green organic materials recycling
akamai backyard   Smart, simple gardening - Easy permaculture . Reclaim natures abundance.
Arbico Organics   Natural & organic solutions for growers. Beneficial insects, Natural pest control.
Berries Unlimited   Source for high quality tissue cultured berry plants and more
Bluestone   New plantable, biodegradable pots made from coconut husk fibers. Perennials.
CA School Garden   Create and sustain California School Gardens. "Let's Get Growing."
Canning Lids   Reusable. BPA free. Water bath. Pressure canner. Vacuum sealer. Washer safe.
Compost Guide   Composting Fundamentals. What and how to compost. What NOT to compost.
Composting   How to compost. Information for beginners to experts. Links to other sites.
ComposTumbler   Continuous compost. Never fills us. Recycle yard, garden, & kitchen throwouts
Container Tips   Container gardening tips. A complete guide to container gardening.
Container Guide   Guide to container gardening: Seeds, tools, preparation, care
EarthFlow    Design Works
  Modern Homesteading.  Nature as teacher. ReSkilling.  Organic Gardening.  Local Economy.  Building Community.  
Earth Machine
  Drum kitchen, garbage, & yard waste composter
Eco-nutrients   Fish fertilizers made from marine fish and kelp
ENRECOS   Waste resources under management. Natural Blend Soils. Vermipro.
  Spinning compost barrel with natural aeration.  Separates "compost tea."
Espoma Organic   Organic plant foods since 1929.  Safe for people, pets, and the environment.
EVO Farm   Aquaponic farming systems.  Mar Vista, CA prototype.  David Rosenstein, developer, education, urban farming concepts. 
Farmer Seed   Seed and nursery. Serving the needs of America's gardeners for 123 years.
FishRich   Our plant fertilizer products are made from the remains of the Bell Perch™ raised and processed at our facility.
Food First Institute
  Institute for Food and Development Policy is a think tank that carries out advocacy and education on community food development
Fox Farm   Handcrafted organic, peat-free potting mix and fertilizer
Franchi Seeds   Seeds to grow traditional Italian vegetables. Also: www.mycooksgarden.com
Fresh Preserving
  Leading producer of BALL jars, products, and information for home canning
FungiPerfecti    Grow gourmet mushrooms on kitchen counter.  Plug spawn for logs & stumps. 
Fytowall   Vertical gardens features modular panels with light weight soil-less systems
Garden Planner   Revolutionary new software to make vegetable gardening easier
Gardeners Edge   Garden & yard tools and equipment, Giving the upper hand on a green thumb.
Gardeners Place   Seed & Plant catalogues. Hundreds of selections for your home and garden.
Gardener's Supply
  Offers raised beds made of recycled wood and plastic, perfect for raising produce in suburban lawns
Gardening Helpline    Common Ground Garden Program helps LA County residents to garden, grow their own food, & healthfully prepare it. Helping create solutions.  UC Davis Extention.
Gourmet Mushrooms
  Grow organic mushrooms in your own home or in your back yard:  Morel, Trumpet Royale, Shitake, more
Grow Box   A gardening planter that automatically grows your vegetables for you - naturally
Grow Organic
  We carry everything you need to grow organically
Growers Exchange   Fresh herb kits are sustainable, decorative and easy to grow. Specializing in farm frsh herb plants. Culinary - medicinal - aromatic.
Growing Roots    Interior plant pros.  Plants remove as much as 87% of indor air pollutants
GrowLife   Turnkey hydroponic growing chambers. PHOTOTRON. A Growing Experience.
Harvest to Home   Organic vegetable & herb delivery service. Box, bed, & maintenance service.
Hello Harvest   Straight from local farms ... delivered to your doorstep
i-garden   Gardening resource for kids and families - grow your own
Irises   Pacific Coast, Tall Bearded Redblooming and Louisiana Irises
Johnny's Seeds   Superior products, information and service. Seed varieties, tools, and supplies.
Join the Farm   Experimental sustainability project near CSUCI, Camarillo, CA.
Junior Gardener   Junior Master Gardener Program
Kitchen Gardene   Promoting the "local-est" food of all, globally.
LA Rain Gardens    Free pilot program for NE San Fernando Valley.  Need gutters and location for garden. 
LED Garden   Have a green Winter. "Sonny Light" LED kitchen garden.
Lee Valley Tools    Practical gardening accessories for every type of gardener and garden task 
Local Food/LA/OC   Sustainable Produce, urban delivery. Fresh, organic groceries. Free delivery
Local Harvest   Premier website to connect with FRESH, LOCAL food. Sustainability & Nutrition!
Mantis Compost   ComposT-Twin provides constant supply of rich, compost for gardens
Marilyn's Own   Going GREEN before it was COOL ! Natural Solutions for the perfect garden.

Master Gardeners

  Service volunteers who love to garden. Enhancing the environment.
Miranda's Magic    Planting seeds for tomorrow.   email:  lotara7@yahoo.com 
Mushroom Garden   Grow-at-home mushroom kit lets you grow up to 1 1/2 lbs of gourmet, tasty oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days...right from the box!
Natural Gardneing   Natural Gardening Company. Organic Seeds: Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers.
Nature's Own
  An organic alternative to pest management
Ocean Friendly Gardens
  Conservation of water, energy, & habitat.  Permeability of soil & surfaces lets water slow down & sink.  Retention of rainwater & prevention of wet weather runoff.
  Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) provides organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing
One Gun Ranch    Made to order "farm boxes" are chemical, hormone, pesticide, & additive free 
Organic Garden   Info on creating & maintaining a healthy, natural, chemical free garden
Organic Mechanics   Organic, peat-free potting mix delivered by biodiesel trucks.
Org. Garden Guru   The dirt on growing organically - without chemicals
Pasadena Learning Gardens    Exists to increase local food production and sustainable landscaping, and to articulate why these are noble goals.
Planet Neutral   Earth friendly products and tools for your home, lawn, and garden.
Plant Success
  A beneficial soil organism inoculant. It contains a diverse blend of mycorrhizal fungi that once established increase the surface area of your root system 100 - 1,000 times. This greatly increases the nutrients and water available to your plant. What results is a larger more robust plant  
Plants on Walls   GROW YOUR OWN: Vertical gardening for everyone. Easy. DIY. Hang & Plant!
POOpeas    Granulated, odorless, earth-friendly soil supplement from organically composted livestock & dairy manure 
Rolling Planter   Grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers you love -- on any surface

Seeds of Change

  Certified organic. Goodness from the ground up. Preserving Biodiversity.
Seed Savers
  A non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Since 1975, members have been passing on our garden heritage by collecting & distributing thousands of samples of rare garden seeds to other gardeners. 
Seed Sharing
  Sharing your garden bounty by passing along homegrown vegetable seeds
  Seed Library of Los Angeles is a forum for heirloom seed exchange, a community of seed savers and a resource for gardening education.
Smart Gardening   County of Los Angeles Smart Gardening Centers. Free workshops. Demos.
Solar Greens
  A family of integrated consumer products that address food, energy, water, & community
Square Foot   Square Foot Gardening - Tips and more.
Summit   Go organic. No dangerous chemicals. No odor. Responsible solutions.
Tower Garden   Vertical aeroponic growing system.  No dirt, no weeds, no bugs.  Organic, vine-ripened
Trees - Antiquity   Providing heirloom fruit trees for your home.
Urban Ag    LA urban architecture plan to foster and engage in growing sustainably 
Urban Fig   We make growing your own food easy. Backyard farming for urban living.
Urban Organic   Inspiring & empowering people to start growing their own food.
Veterans to Farmers   A non-profit providing veterans with on-the-job experience to teach skills needed to begin an agricultural career. Est. by Circle Fresh Farms, Denver, Co.
Victory Grower   UC Victory Grower Program. "A Garden for everyone. Everyone in a garden."
WeedGuard Plus   100% biodegradable. Natural weed prevention. Grow more. Weed less.
White Flower   Grow fresh lavender indoors in handsome ceramic pots. White Flower Farm.
Worm Factory   Composting worm bin system. Odorless. Indoor or Outdoor.



The ingredients that we put in our composter are classified into 2 groups:

  • Browns (called this way because they are dry materials). Rich in carbon, the decomposition microorganisms use them as an energy source;
  • Greens (called this way because they are fresh and moist materials). Rich in nitrogen, the decomposition microorganisms use them to produce proteins.
The right balance between green and brown materials is necessary for the bacteria to have enough energy to metabolize all the nitrogen that is in your compost. If you have an excess of greens, the bacteria will not have enough energy (carbon) to use up all the nitrogen, which will be lost in the air in the form of ammonia. As a result, you will have smelly compost!

The perfect recipe is to have a ratio of 50/50 parts of greens and browns. However, this ratio can vary, depending on what brown materials you are using. For example, dry leaves are very fluffy. Consequently, if you use them, you would need to put more of them.
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ACF Greenhouses
  Kits, accessories and supplies
BC Greenhouse
  Glass and polycarbonate kits
Build it Solar
  Free online design guides & plans for small greenhouses you can build 
Building Passive  
  Building a solar greenhouse; drawing & materials list for DIY solar-heated
Charley's    Large selection of kits and supplies
  Wide range of designs & sizes from German & Belgian manufacturers
  Greenhouse kits, irrigation supplies, heaters, and lighting
Growing Spaces
  Solar heated greenhouses
Harvest Pathway
  Dome greenhouse kits, film & DIY resources
Solar Components
  Glazing, heaters, and thermal storage tubes for greenhouse construciton
Solar Gem
  One-piece fiberglass greenhouses
  home greenhouses and cold frames with PVC-based glazing
Sundance Supply
  Glazing systems and extensive how-to information for constructing greenhouses
Sunrise Domes
  Geodesic dome greenhouses





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ALBC-USA   American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is a nonprofit membership organization working to protect over 150 breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction
Amish Goods   Chicken coops for yard and farm. Carts, beehives, bird houses, & feeders.
Backwards Beekeepers
  We save bees and relocate them.  No chemicals.  Organic and natural.
Bubees    Top bar bee hives from Malibu.  Natural beekeeping system. 
Chicken Coop   Coop on wheels. Pest control, fertilizer, and oh yes, eggs for breakfast.
Ducks - Geese   Ducks, Geese, & chickens.  Order your back yard friends today!
Grandpas Feeders   Water, bird, & rodent proof, automatic chicken feeders
HARWELL   Fencing & Gates. Modern and artistic fence designs, using unique material combinations such as Plexiglas and wood, sheet metal, composite and more.
Meyer Hatchery   160+ poultry varieties: chicks, bantams, ducks, turkeys, guineas, geese, MORE
Millsmix   Garden goodies collection: radius trowel, pruners, kneelers, & rain gauge.
Mobile Chicken Coops   Chicken tractors, coops, DIY kits, soy free non-GMO feed, and accessories.
Mt. Healthy Hatcheries   A hatching tradition for more than 80 years: Chickens, ducks, turkeys, game birds
Purina   Purina SunFresh Recipe for poultry
Verm-X USA   Intestinal parasite control for ALL animals. Flush intestinal bugs away naturally.

*  The keeping of farm animals is generally regulated under zoning, including the number and kinds allowed in urban areas. The underlying premise of most of the restrictions on livestock within urban areas relates to keeping them off public property, controlling noise and smell, and providing for adequate living conditions. Livestock is generally defined to include horses, mules, jackasses, cattle, sheep, llama, goats, and swine. Definitions may also include other animals such as poultry and rabbits. Some jurisdictions subdivide livestock into categories of large and small livestock. For general information, see Small Animals and Livestock Information Services Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat Document) - Information Bulletin prepared by King County Department of Development and Environmental Services.



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