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"To motivate clients to make economically sound, energy saving, and environmentally sustainable choices when investing in a property for income or as a residence;" This is the logical extension of our vision and mission statements when considering real estate.

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real estate agents          recycle a home           foreclosures           back to top



Aquarian, Alayha   Green certified REALTOR, Green Point Rated consultant,  Resource.
Berhang, Ankia
  Realtor. Certified EcoBroker(r)  West Hollywood, CA
Full Service Realty   Full Service Realty. Broker & Developer. Americana Real Estate & Development
GOOD Realty Partners   Real Estate Sales and Investments. Recycling. A fresh approach to real estate.
GREENCITY    Jeffrey J. Fritz,  GREENCITY REAL ESTATE,  Coldwell Banker,   Marina Del Rey, CA
Heather W. Leikin    Serving west side of LA & beyond with a focus on eco-friendly & green designs
Karen Nation   Eco-Broker Certified. Selling Green Homes - Beverly Hills, CA
Lori Davette Ince   Eco-Broker. Commercial & Residential Los Angeles Real Estate
Victoria Massengale
  Keller Williams Beverly Hills - Your VEGAN Realtor(r)
United Country   Specializing in country homes, hobby farms, recreational properties across the country
Westside Green   Buying, Selling, & Living Green. Protecting your investment and your environment.

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  Helping you save money and live comfortably through energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmentally sensitive choices

NAR's Green Designation

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  NAR's Green Designation provides advanced training in green building and sustainable business practices so that you can seek out, understand, and market properties with green features



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Why fixing up old homes is greener than building new ones- By Greg Hanscom. Click for link to  web site / blog.                                                                                               

Looking for the ultimate earth-friendly bungalow? No need to engineer some LEED certified space pod. Buy an old house and gird yourself for an eco-friendly remodel.

A study released recently finds that in almost every instance, remodeling an old building is greener than building a new one. Beyond that, it shows that reusing old buildings provides immediate results in the fight against climate change, while a relatively energy efficient new building won’t pay climate dividends for decades.

Taken to the scale of the city, the study has some fascinating implications. Cities, it turns out, serve as a sort of carbon sink — the existing buildings hold a tremendous amount of “embodied energy.” Conserving that energy by sparing these buildings from the wrecking ball does a lot of good for the planet, too.

The study, called “The Greenest Building: Quantifying the Environmental Value of Building Reuse,” was done by the Seattle-based sustainability think tank Preservation Green Lab, an offshoot of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It stands to reason that a group that fights to save old buildings is going to argue that its particular fetish is the grooviest, but The Greenest Building is a painstakingly detailed piece of work.



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There are many reasons that real estate can still be a wise choice for the prudent investor. Foreclosed properties, whether old or new, residential, commercial or vacant land, offer satisfying options to those who wish to recycle while investing in a long-term asset. 

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