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 healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions             elements of danger             indoor pollutants             resources            usual suspects            hidden harms            back to top      



healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions            elements of danger             indoor pollutants            resources            usual suspects             hidden harms            back to top      


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aappolicy   Answers to policies & resources for detecting & treating disease
airwaterbestprices   Unbeatable prices for environmental home health products and services
All County Evironmental   Full service insurance repair & restoration. Environmental clean up
Allied Lead   Phase 1 Environmental site assessment. Sampling and remediation.
Alpine Air Corp   So Cal remediation, restoration, and project management
Blue Gold
  Blue Gold for Life water for filtration systems
aolhealth.com   Health centers, diet & fitness, healthy living, health encyclopedia, tools
Calenviro.com   Environmental geologists & engineers. Groundwater & soil contamination
Cancer.org   American Cancer Society: treatments, cures, prevention, research,
Cpilink.com   Catalytic products. Pollution control for VOCs, toxins,, & hazardous air.
Earth Easy  

Non Toxic home care. Homemade solutions, formulas,and new habits

ECOLAB   Termite and Pest Management. Voted Best Green exterminator.  
ehso.com/carecinogens   Environment, health, & safety on-line. Carcinogen detection.
Envirocheck   Environmental testing kits for Mold & other hazards in your home
EPA Government   Health effects, ways to reduce exposure. Standards and guidelines.
Formaldehyde Testing   Formaldehyde Testing Lab. Most up to date testing and processes
Fresh Air Environmental
  Mold, Lead, or Asbestos removal - unfailing removal techinques
Fresh One   Air duct and dryer duct cleaning. Asbestos removal. Greater LA area.
Gold Healthy & Safety   Customized health & safety consultation: Mold, Air quality, hygiene
Gust Environmental   Certified building biologist: Mold, Chemicals, electromagnetic Radiation
Health Line   Treatment search and options. Connect to better health.
Home Tips   Experts for home improvement and DIY repairs, hazard remediation
KRBConstruction    Mold removal.  Remediation, Restoration, Remodeling.  Water & fire damage. 
L A Mold   Professional Mold Inspections: Reliability, Accuracy, Integrity.
Mesothelioma Center   Asbestos Cancer: Information, support, prevention.
NCHH   National Center for Healthy Housing. Proven & Practical steps.
Precision Environmental   Protecting your health & indoor environment. The Therma (tm) process
Prevent Cancer   Cancer Prevention Coalition for safer home, & work environments
Pure Restoration   Water & Fire damage restoration. Mold remediation.
Purified Home
  Providing a foundation for optimal health
Rabbit Air    Air purifiers relieve allergy and asthma symptoms while freshening the air indoors 
Radon Detection   Affordable Inspection Services: Experienced & responsive Radon testing
Radon Zone   Your source for radon testing products
Safe Home Products   A safer life starts here. Improve your home environment.
Strategic Diagnostics   Environmental assessment, environmental testing and remediation.
Service Magic   Testing & Abatement services for mold, radon, lead, & asbestos.
SKC, Inc.   Get the Lead Out ! Identify, decontaminate, Confirm
T R Restoration   Complete cleaning services for your carpet, upholstery, tile and air ducts
Wolf Sence   Photo Ionization Detectors for toxins, particulates, moisture, & ventilation
1-800-Contractor   Find contractors for all your home repair and improvement needs
ZEROREZ   "Green" carpet & surface cleaning.  No soap.  No toxic chemicals. 





healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions            elements of danger             indoor pollutants              resources             usual suspects             hidden harms           back to top      


airlab   Test kit to assess air quality in your home or business 
Airscape   A new breed of whole house fan.  Quiet, efficient, and easy to live with.
AWS   Create pure water out of thin air.  Drinking water from a renewable source.
Blue Gold    Eco-friendly whole house water conditioning systems: No electricity, waste, or chemicals
Continental    AXC in-line duct fans, range hood, and bathroom fans. 
EPA   Government resource for indoor air quality
Eco Quest   Ion Generation, eliminates, smoke, odors, and tobacco smoke form your home.
Food & Water Watch    The take back the tap guide to safe tap water.
Greywater Corp    Recycling grey water for landscape irrigation.   
HVAC Quick   Specialized high-performance and energy-efficient ventilation products
IQ Air    Room and whole-house air purifiers 
Kangen Water    Powerful antioxidant & also alkalizes, detoxifies, & hydrates your body
Lomanco   Upgrade your foundation's ventilation.  Dries crawlspace.  Help stop mold growth. 
MAGE Water    Evaporation based solar desalination systems.  Converts salt water to drinking water 
Merus CA    Oscillation technology to prevent lime scale, corrosion, algae & bacteria in water systems
LIFEBREATH   Intelligent controls at your fingertips. Programmable air control systems.
LifeSource    Ultimate Water Softener: No salt, not potassium, no chemicals, no magnets
O2O3    Oxygen Ozone.  Filtering the world, one house at a time.  Water Filtration. 
O'Hagin's    Profile specific attic vents for tile, real slate, shake & composition shingle roofing 
Ostberg   Healthy indoor climate with energy efficient ventilation
Poly-Tech Environmental    Green home air systems.  IQ Air distributor / installer.
Purified Home
  Providing a foundation for optimal health
Quite Cool   Whole house fan - garage & attic fans - save energy - cool your home. 
Rabbit Air    Air purifiers.  HEPA technology. IMPECCABLE filtration bio-engineered to destroy allergens 
Rayne    Great water without using salt.  The environmentally friendly way to improve your water. 
Solar Fan    Cool your hot attic for free with solar powered ventilator fan.
Sun-Pure   U.V. Catalytic air purification technology.  Cleans air down to the last molecule
Tamarak   Superior indoor air quality at affordable prices. 
Total Recovery   Total recovery for all climates.  Eliminate VOCs and pollutants from your home's air. 
Vulcan    Protects piping systems against scale deposits, corrosion, & unnecessary defects 
  Mineral Water drawn from a natural aquifer in New Zealand


  healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions           elements of danger             indoor pollutants             resources            usual suspects             hidden harms            back to top     


  Health Risk
  Water Treatment
  skin, nervous system toxicity
  carbon, reverse osmosis
  mammary gland tumors
  chlorine by-products may cause cancer
  gastrointestinal illness
  carbon, reverse osmosis
  cancer, liver and other disorders
  carbon, reverse osmosis
  dental fluorosis
  reverse osmosis
  kidney and nervous system damage
  carbon, reverse osmosis
Mercury (inorganic)
  kidney and nervous system damage



healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                 definitions           elements of danger              indoor pollutants             resources            usual suspects             hidden harms            back to top       


A healthy Home is a home that is free from toxins, carcinogens, volatile organic compounds, or any other elements that might cause disease adverse physical reactions during short term or long term exposure. 

HUD sponsors a "Healthy Homes" program, designed to set goals for "safe, descent, and sanitary housing as a means for preventing disease and energy." (Click Link)

"Sick" homes (www.hometime.com) describe "homes with poor, even hazardous living environments."  Find more helpful information about "sick building syndrome" by clicking on the preceding link.


healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions            elements of danger              indoor pollutants             resources             usual suspects               hidden harms            back to top       



Toxin   Found In    Solution 
Airborne-Particles   Carpets and Ducts    Replace carpets with hard surface flooring. Seal air ducts. Prevent garage odors from entering home by any means possible. 

Acesulfame Potassium/ Acesulfame-K

  Sugar-free desserts, gum, diet soda, sugar substitute Sunett
  Contributes to an increased risk for cancer
*Asbestos   Older furnaces & fireproofing areas, textured ceilings   Professional removal and disposal by trained and certified specialists
  Frozen desserts, diet soda, sugar substitutes Equal & Nutrasweet
  Links to leukemia, lymphoma and breast cancer.  Some people complain of dizziness and headaches.

BHA / BHT                                       (butylated hydroxyanisole/ hydroxytoluene)

  Cereal, gum, oil, potato chips
  Though they prevent fats and oils from becoming rancid, both are potential carcinogens.
Biphenol A (BPA)   polycarbonate plastic; canned foods and beverages   Birth defects; hormone disruptor
Carbon Monoxide    Unserviced furnace burning propane, butane or oil.  Exhaust fumes from an attached garage.        Keep furnaces in repair, make sure no leaks are present. 
Flame Retardants
  Synthetic chemicals found in textiles, furniture, carpets, insulation, & electronics
  Select naturally less-flammable alternatives such as wool and leather. Read product labels. Avoid BFRs and PBDEs. (see glossary)
*Formaldehyde    Resin-based particle board, MDF, particle board, cabinets, counter-tops, carpet, fabric.    Use only products that have are Formaldehyde free.  Look  
Hydrofluoric Acid    Found in rust removers and other harsh, household cleaners   Dispose of materials via approved local standards.  May cause pain and damage to tissues and bone if recommended gloves have holes in them. 
*Lead    In paint & plumbing in older houses, household dust,  consumer products in soil near highways and busy roads.   Contributor to learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Causes neurological and kidney damage, high blood pressure, disrupted blood cell production and reproductive problems.
*Mold & Mildew    Air Conditioner, Leaky plumbing areas   Stop leaks, ventilate damp areas,
Mercury   Consumption of contaminated fish and shellfish    Toxic to brain and nervous system
Nitrogen Dioxide    Wood-burning stove & fireplace smoke    Open damper on fireplaces and stoves, make certain chimneys, flues, & smoke stacks are properly connected & sealed.
Paraben Patrol
  Personal care and cosmetic products - ending in -paraben   Read ingredient labels. Look for them in moisturizers, cleansers, shaving gel, makeup, toothpaste, hair products
Partially Hydrogenated Oil
  Shortening, margarine, baked goods, crackers, bread, & frosting
  Manufacturing process creates trans fats, which raise cholesterol and increase risk for obesity and heart disease.
Perchlorate   Drinking water; consumption of irrigated crops; milk   Interferes with iodine uptake of thyroid gland, which regulates hormones necessary for proper development
Phthalates   Polyvinyl chloride plastic, household cleaners & other products with synthetic fragrance; cosmetics; food packaging    Hormone disruptor; birth defects; reproductive disease; reduced sperm counts; heart disease; diabetes
Propyl Gallate
  Gum, soup, meats, potato chips, oil
  Used along with BHA & BHT to prevent fats from spoiling, is also potential carcinogen
*Radon    Seeps through cracks in foundation from ground beneath   Seal all cracks and patch holes. Use special sealant products & underlayment
  Sugar-free foods; sugar substitues Necta Sweet and Sweet'N Low
  Linked to cancers of the bladder, reproductive organs and skin  in animal studies
Sugar Alcohols   No-sugar added foods such as candy and ice cream (most sugar alcohols end in  -tol, such as sorbitol, xylitol & malitol.
  May cause digestive problems
Vinyl Chloride    Plastics or products that emit that "new car" smell.  Water sitting in PVC pipes overnight.   Known carcinogen may cause severe liver damage and ballooning of the fingertips. 
Triclosan   Antibacterial agent used in liquid soap, beauty products and cleaning products.   Toxic to liver; disrupts thyroid hormone system (necessary for development); may cause cancer

 *Volatile Organic  Compounds(VOC)

  Carpet, Paint, Fabrics    Use Low or NO VOC paints, Use VOC free carpet & fabrics, Replace carpet with hard surface flooring. 



healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions             elements of danger              indoor pollutants             resources            usual suspects             hidden harms            back to top        



We spend 90% of our time indoors where air is far more polluted than outdoor air.  Improving our homes' air quality can also improve our health.

Indoor Irritant    Sources    Potential Health Effects 
Tobacco Smoke   Cigarettes, cigars, pipes   Respiratory irritation, bronchitis & pneumonia in children; emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease 
Carbon Monoxide    Unvented or malfunctioning gas appliances, wood stoves, tobacco smoke    Headache, nausea, angina, impaired vision and mental functioning; fatal at high concentrations 
Nitrogen Oxides    Unvented or malfunctioning gas appliances    Eye, nose and throat irritation, increased respiratory infections in children 
Organic Chemicals    Aerosol sprays, solvents, glues, cleaning agents, pesticides, paints, moth repellents, air fresheners, dry-cleaned clothing, treated water.    Eye, nose & throat irritation, headaches; loss of coordination; damage to liver, kidneys & brain; various types of cancer
Formaldehyde    Pressed wood products such as plywood and particleboard, furnishings, wallpaper, durable press fabrics    Eye, nose, & throat irritation; headache; allergic reactions; cancer 
Respirable Particles    Cigarettes, wood stoves, fireplaces, aerosol sprays, house dust    Eye, nose & throat irritation; increased susceptibility to respiratory infection and bronchitis; lung cancer 
Biological Agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, animal dander, mites)    House dust; pets; bedding; poorly maintained air conditioners, humidifiers & dehumidifiers; wet or moist structures; furnishings   

Allergic reactions;asthma; eye, nose & throat irritation; fever; influenza, other infectious diseases 

Asbestos    Damaged or deteriorating insulation, fireproofing & acoustic materials    Asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, other cancers 
Lead    Sanding or open-flame burning of lead paint, house dust    Nerve and brain damage, particularly in children; anemia; kidney damage, growth retardation 
Radon    Soil under buildings, some earth-derived construction materials, groundwater    Lung cancer 
1. Clean the air   2. Bring in fresh outside air naturally & mechanically    3. Control pollution resources 





healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions            elements of danger              indoor pollutants             resources             usual suspects              hidden harms            back to top       


Create Your Healthy Home  
  Control mold, water & air quality, electromagnetic radiation
  Resource for creating a healthy world - products, services, info
  Centers for Disease Control: Source for credible health info
  Green  technology and science news
  First on-line marketplace for Eco Positive sellers & products


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healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions           elements of danger             indoor pollutants             resources            usual suspects              hidden harms            back to top       


Disinfectants   Phenols, which include biphenyl, phenolics, and the preservative pentachloraphenol.  Found in disinfectants, antiseptics, perfumes, mouthwashes, glues, and air fresheners. 
Pesticides   Chlordane, aldrin, dieldrin, though all banned continue to show up airborne in older houses.

Benzene and methyl ethyl ketome traverse cell walls unchecked by normal cell defense.  Both are carcinogens.  Toulene, xylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and trichloroethylene make up most solvents. 


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healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                 definitions             elements of danger             indoor pollutants              resources            usual suspects               hidden harms            back to top      


Carcinogen   A chemical that can cause cancer 
Developmental Toxicant   A chemical that can produce adverse health effects prior to conception, during pregnancy and during childhood.  Adverse effects:  death, stillbirths, malformations, mental retardation, sensory loss, growth alteration and/or functional deficit.

A chemical that affects the nervous system, and can adversely affect intelligence, cause memory deficits, and result in cognitive an behavioral problems and sexual  dysfunction

Reproductive Toxicants   A chemical that adversely affects the male or female reproductive system.
Teratogen   A chemical that specifically causes birth defects.

*Check Resources Above for more information on "Unintentional Injuries" &  Disease Control.

healthy home services           clean water & air          water contaminant treatments                definitions             elements of danger             indoor pollutants              resources             usual suspects               hidden harms            back to top       

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