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foods       drinks      snacks      spices, oils, flavorings      groceries & food artisans       food stores       fair world-equal exchange        back to top  



foods      drinks      snacks      spices, oils, flavorings      groceries & food artisans       food stores        fair world-equal exchange         back to top

foods       drinks      snacks      spices, oils, flavorings      groceries & food artisans      food stores       fair world-equal exchange        back to top


Alter Eco    Fair Trade, Organic Foods.  Rice. Chocolate. Unrefined sugar. Olive Oil. Quinoa. 
Alvarado Street    Sprouted wheat breads, bagels, wheat buns & rolls, tortillas, & pizza breads. 
Amazing Grass    Organic GREEN super foods for the whole family.  Slow growth & dehydration. 
Annies     Kids love it!  From crunchy cheddar bunnies to creamy mac & cheese
Beyond Meat
  The healthier, better-for-your protein that's meat-free, gluten-free, gmo-free, cholesterol-free, 20G of protein per serving, delicious served hot or cold, recipe ready and packaged in family (4) sized portions.
Bob's Red Mill    Stone milled whole grain - wholesome & delicious products
Brad's RAW Foods
  Natural, gluten free, not fried, not baked, vegan.  Crackers, chips, & snacks.
CAFF    Community Alliance with Family Farmers.  Buy Fresh.  Buy Local.
Chia Craft
  Raw and vegan packaged foods.  Delicious and good for you.
Choose Veg    Your guide to vegetarian and vegan living.  See also: www.MercyForAnimals.org  
Coconut World    100% Pure Coconut Sugar.  Low Glycemic index. Rich in vitamins and minerals
Cuties Juice    100% juice.150% daily vitamin C. Antioxidants. No added sugars/artificial ingredients. 
  Enjoy delicious, dairy-free Daiya on its own or in your favorite recipe.  Look for Shreds, Wedges, Slices, Cream Cheese Style Spreads and Pizzas.
Earth Balance
  line of naturally irresistible buttery spreads, shortenings, nut butters, soymilk, soy nog, coconut spread and MindfulMayo™ Dressing and Sandwich Spreads.
Eden Organic
  Roasted and rolled. American, small farm organically grown whole grain flakes.
Edward & Sons    Products will never contain artificial flavors or colors, chemical preservatives, or hydrogenated fats. All items are vegetarian & most are suitable for vegans. We support plant-based diets, organic agriculture, fair trade & sustainable practices  
Ella's Kitchen
  Baby & children's food products including gluten-free, lactose-free & vegetarian options
FABE'S    Fabe's all natural bakery.  Sweetened with fruits, veggies & grains.  Choices include gluten fee, vegan, whole grain, and organic. 
FIT Super Foods   Unique Artisan Foods. Minimal Processing. Great Customer Service. 
Follow Your Heart
  Producing products, such as VEGENAISE® & VEGAN GOURMET® CHEESE ALTERNATIVES & FOLLOW YOUR HEART® SALAD DRESSINGS, in our state-of-the-art, SOLAR-POWERED manufacturing facility called EARTH ISLAND®. 
Frontier Co-op   Member owned. Bulk herbs, spices & teas, dips, dressings & seasonings, soups, sauces, drinks, dried fruits and vegetables
Full Bloom Baking   Wholesome foods made with carefully chosen organic ingredients. 
Gardein    Bringing healthy, innovative & convenient plant based meat-like foods to you
Garden Lites
  The delicious vegetable company:  Slow-baked vegetable souffles.
Garden of Life   A leader in RAW, whole food nutrition.  Produced to protect living nutrients 
Gardenburger    The original veggie burger.  Real ingredients from the earth.
Gauranga Live    21 day green smoothie cleanser.  Refresh, renew and rebuild. 
  The world leader in superfood nutrition
GoodOnYa    Protein bar, a fiber bar, a snack bar, an energy bar, a nutrition bar
Green Noodle    Noodles have gone GREEN.  Made with organically grown Moroheiya 
HAPPY BABY   Complete line of shelf stable organic baby & toddler food.  USDA Organic. 
Hemp Hearts
  Manitoba Harvest manufactures the highest quality hemp food products while educating people on the nutritional benefits of hemp foods
Honey Colony
  Guiding you to a healthier life. Bee goods,  Home and garden, Lifestyle supplements, Sustainable, Superfoods, Pure & raw.
Imagine Foods
  Soups, stocks, broths, & gravies.  Many low sodium & gluten free
Kashi   Seven whole grains on a mission. (tm)  Whole grain and sesame cereals 
King Arthur Flour    Golden flax products from American farmers.  Added nutritional benefits. 
Lisanatti Foods
  The good health cheese alternative, made with certified organic almonds, rice, soybeans.  Tastes and melts great in your favorite recipes
Lotus Foods    A world of rice. Exotic tastes from far away places. 
Lundberg Rice    Lundberg Wild Blend (r) Rice.  Eco-friendly farming and environmental stewardship. 
Natures Path    Unique GRANOLA cereal blends with omega -3. Get on the Path ! (tm)

NO GLUTEN alternative for active lifestyles: good, clean, gluten-free nutritional food choices.

NON-GMO Shopping   Information  food products with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
NOW Real Food
  Raw, natural, and organic foods:  Nuts, Seeds, Snacks, Flours, Sweeteners, Oils
NurtureMe (baby)
  Feeding your baby better from the ground up:  Singles, Cereals, and Blends
  Certified USDA Organic.  Nuts and seeds superfoods.  Jar-packaged creamy or crunchy butters and spreads.  Great for sandwiches or snacks.
OMG    Simply add ":Organic Meets Good" to your daily meals and turn your standard foods into superfoods! 
Organic Authority    A leading resource for all things delicious & organic.  Publisher. TV Host Laura Klein.
Organic Valley    1300 organic farm coop:  milk, butter, cheese, cream, eggs, juice, soy
Plum Organics
  Organic baby cereal, training meals, snacks.  For babies, toddlers, children
Red Lake Nation    Red Lake Nation Foods:  Indian owned, grown, & harvested.  Foods & handcrafts. 
Rice Protein    Growing Naturals.  Finally food for all people. Rice protein. Vegan. Organic. Natural. Whole Grain. Non-GMO. Allergen Free. Gluten Free. Heart healthy. Rice Milk.  
Soul Food    Women's Bean Project soups, chillies, marinades, mixes, coffee & desserts
Sunridge Farms    Organic granolas & cereals, pastas, beans, coffees, spices, & baking supplies. 
  World's healthiest breakfast: Chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, ramon & pumpkin
Teese   Vegan cheese alternative.  Available at health food stores & restaurants. 
Tempeh    Kosher, vegan, and made with organic soybeans and/or organic tofu
TONY'S    Fine foods and gourmet food.  Dedicated to Customer Service since 1934 
Udi's    Delicious, artisanal pizza crusts:  100% certified gluten-free
Valley Vegetarian   Providing a nexus for the vegetarian community in the Ojai Valley
  The healthy alternative - Free shipping on all meal plans.  Delicious, chef inspired, plant-based meals delivered straight to your home anywhere in the US. Nature's cuisine.  Just defrost, heat and enjoy.
Vegan Gourmet    Vegan Gourmet®  Cheese and Dairy Alternatives
Vegan Traders   Distributor of natural foods and essentials 
Vegetarian Plus   Vegan entrees, side dishes, and hot dogs 
Vegie World    100% meatless. Vega.  No MSG. Heat up and enjoy. 
Versitiva    Hemp seed and marine phytoplankton signature foods 
Virgin Raw    One stop store for food of the future.  Organic superfoods, supplements, & herbs. 
Wheat Montana    From our farm to you.  Chemical free grains. Freshness, nutrition, quality, & taste. 
White Boy Foods   Great food products that just happen to be Great Green Salsas 
Wholesome Sweet   Wholesome Sweeteners.  Organic Sugars.  Fair trade certified.
Wild Planet
  Sustainably caught wild seafood.  Sardines packed in oilive oil - more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more potassium than bananas

Non-GMO Shopping Guide:  Our revised guide features over 150 brands currently enrolled in the Non-GMO Project.  This pocket sized guide will help to identify and avoid foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) foods while you shop.   Download or get i-phone app at this site.

    Organic integrity scorecards on best and worst food brands.  (click on the "USDA sea" to the left or visit www.cornucopia.org.  “‘Organic’ is a labeling term that denotes products produced under the authority of the Organic Foods Production Act. The principal guidelines for organic production are to use materials and practices that enhance the ecological balance of natural systems and that integrate the parts of the farming system into an ecological whole.
9 Most Misleading food labels

The Center For Science in the Public Interest recently released a report, "Food Labeling Chaos", detailing the misinformation prevalent in the food industry & prompting the FDA to crack down on some of the products mentioned. Since we're strong believers in taking the veil off processed foods, we've put together 9 of the most misleading food labels to help you safely navigate the grocery aisles "All Natural". "0g Trans Fat". "Made With Whole Grains".  "Made with Real Fruit".   "Added Sugars".   "Misleading Serving Sizes".    "Supports The Immune System" / "Helps Maintain A Healthy Heart".   "Unknown Caffeine Content".    "Fiber".



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AQUAMANTRA    Premium natural spring water.  Energy enhanced.  100% biodegradable bottles 
Bio-K Plus
  A unique and proven probiotic.  Starts working from the moment you put it in your mouth and continues it s work through your entire digestive system.
Bucha    Great tasting, smart alternative to the nutritionally empty beverages in your life. 
Cuties Juice 
  100% juice.150% daily vitamin C. Antioxidants. No added sugars/artificial ingredients.
Honest Tea
  Kids juice pouches.  Organic fruit juice.
  Joia all-natural soda.  Tantalizing combinations of fruits, herbs and spices that create layers of intensely fresh taste.  Nothing artificial.  No high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, gluten free.
Just Chill 
  Made with amino acids, vitamins B & C, magnesium, zinc, ginseng & Gingko biloba 
  An organic probiotic superdrink; a blend of beneficial bacteria, healthy yeast cultures
Mamma Chia
  Certified organic extra virgin olive oil.  Available at food stores nationwide.  Petluma.
Mulberry Love
  The miracle mulberry drink. 
Vega One
  All in one nutritional shake and smoothies made exclusively from plant-based whole food ingredient
Naked Juice 
  From fruit-sourcing partnerships & LEED-certified bottling facility & 100% postrecycled bottles, we make our juices committed to the belief that wellness is about more than just personal health; it extends to the entire world around us. 
O.N.E. Coconut
  Super hydrating 100% organic coconut water.  Not from supplements.
Open Source
  Juicing cleanse, detox and reboot. Cold-processed juices. Energy, anti-aging, improves digestion, balance PH levels
  100% pure fruit and vegetable juice - deliciously natural
Raw Juicery
  Organic cold-pressed juice.  Raw, unprocessed juice conveniently available for more people to enjoy and include in their diets.
So Delicious
  Delicious dairy-free milks, yogurts, non-dairy coconut milk coffee creamers and frozen treats
  Adaptogens & superfoods.  40  organically grown, processed, & certified power packed ingredients. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, caffeine free.

Organic turmeric beverages support good health.  Protect cells from free radicals damage, maintain healthy inflammatory response, protect brain cells, protect liver, promote healthy cholesterol levels. Tumeric is a plant in the ginger family and a "wonderfood."  Drinks have cinnamon added for a flavor and nutritional boost.



snacks images.jpg 

foods      drinks      snacks      spices, oils, flavorings      groceries & food artisans      food stores        fair world-equal exchange        back to top


Alive & Radiant
  Organic snacks:  Kale Krunch, Raweo Cookies, Seaweed Snacks, Lemon Swirls
Alternative Baking   Vegan cookies.  Eleven fantastic flavors to choose from.   
angell organic    Candy bars from delicious organic & fair trade certified ingredients. 
Beanfields Snacks Beanfields.jpg   Beanfields no GMO.png beanfields-chips.jpg Corn Free Bean & Rice Tortilla Chips, have the prestigious Non-GMO Verification. Allergen friendly, more fiber and protein, No preservatives, reduced fat.   
Cabo Foods    Cabo Chips are light, sturdy, rich in flavor, and the perfect complement to any dip 
Cascadian Farm
  Chewy, organic organic bars
Clif Bar 
  Nutritious energy pars, bites, drinks, snacks, chews, & gels. Sustainable practices & products.
Coco-Roons   Wonderfully Raw coconut blended snacks.  Naturally packed with goodness -That's It!!
Cruncha ma-me
  Edamame snack, low in fat, high in protein & fiber, no preservatives
  The Guilt-Free Scandinavian treat.
Divine Organics
  Vegan, anti-oxididing, gluten free, organic, kosher, raw, nutrient rich
Glee Gum 
  All-natural, Fair Trade chewing gum
In Bar
  Made by Balance, engineered to help consumers better manage their weight
Kardea Bar
  Natural nutrition bar that supports hearth health with fiber and protein
  Cookie, fruit, & chocolate bars with no butter & cream but plenty of room for flavorful bites of dried bananas, walnuts, almonds, pecans, dates, sea salt, cinnamon & natural sweeteners
Lotta' Appricotta 
  Chewy Granola Bar.  Made with real fruit, yogurt coating. 9g of whole grains.
Newman's Own 
  Organically produced snacks and dressings
OM snacks
  Created to make the world a better place through healthier eating. And to make healthy eating fun!
Paleo Simplified
  Complete-meal energy bar. Gluten free, soy-free, & made with no artificial ingredients. Great superfood bars
Primal Spirit
  Primal Jerky Strips.  Meatless, Vegan, kosher, no cholesterol, no preservatives, high energy, high protein, non-GMOs, Soy, Seitan, shitake mushrooms
Purely Elizabeth   Granola minis are a perfect snack - all natural, organic, and gluten free
Raw Revolution
  Organic live food bars. Vegan. Uncooked. gluten free. Dairy & peanut free.  Kosher
  Nutrient-packed roasted seaweed snack which is vegan, glutenfree &Non-GMO
Stretch Island
  Fruit chews have no sugars or preservatives. 3 flavors. Full serving of fruit in each.
Surf Sweets
  Organic gummy  bears and jelly beans
Sunridge Farms
  Organic & all-natural snack & trail mixes, confections, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, granolas & cereals, pastas, beans, coffees, spices, & baking supplies.
Veggie Chips
  Organic.  Reinventing the tortilla chip
Veronica's Health Crunch
  All-natural snack made with pecans, almonds, walnuts, & pumpkin seeds; naturally sweetened with honey, cranberries, coconut, & sea salt.



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Spices, Oils, Flavorings

Ancient Ocean   Ancient Ocean Salt Company - The rarest, purest salt on earth 
Bamboo Salt    Detox organs and cells, restore alkaline balance, improve immunity, reduce dioxins 
Culinary Collection   Seasonings, natural food ingredients, teas
Florida Crystals 
  Eco-friendly, quality pure cane sugar products.  Organic & natural
McEvoy Ranch
  Certified organic extra virgin olive oil.  Available at food stores nationwide.  Petluma.
Manitoba Harvest 
  Hemp foods and oils.  Seeds, oil, butter, protein powder, fiber, Hemp Bliss beverage. 
Newman's Own   Organically produced snacks and dressings 
  Nourishing people & planet.  Coconut  Oil. Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein
Organic Gourmet
  Seasoning & stock concentrates, flavors, mixes, recipes
Organic Sugar
  This blond, delicious organic sugar is perfect for drinks.  Produced by fair trade cane farmers. 
Sauce Goddess
  Vegan & Vegetarian sauces & spices so tasty if you don't lick your fingers someone else will !
Spice Islands
  What the World Tastes Like.  Offering the best spices in the world.
Shuga    All natural and organic replacement for regular, refined white sugar
  USDA Certified organic replacement for artificial sweeteners.  No calories.
  Salad dressings: Probiotic, 100% natural, raw, vegan.  Also raw, Kvass Beverage



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 Groceries and Food Artisans


A & F A & F Country Market, Ventura, CA. Fresh locally grown produce.
Alvarado St. Bakery
Healthy, organic whole and sprouted grain baked products:  Breads, bagels, pizza bread, rolls, buns, tortillas, & granola
Bolani  East and West Gourmet Afgan Food 
Erewhon Market

A model store in the natural foods industry offering the finest selection of organically-grown produce, groceries and macrobiotic staples. A wide variety of natural remedies including vitamins, herbs and homeopathics is also available. 7660-B Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles & "opening soon," Trancas Center, PCH, Malibu

Farmer & Cook All organic market, restaurant, and farm. Ojai, CA.
France Bakery  Natural ingredients, chemical free, daily baked artisan bread and pastries 
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood markets. Wholesome foods, affordable prices, green building.
GN Store
Healthy edible entirety:  Googee, Healthee, Golden Nest, Tumeric, Zano Tea and MORE
Good Cookies Gluten-free flourless treats
Jimbo's Naturally
San Diegothe freshest produce and the highest quality products and use organic ingredients whenever possible... Naturally
Lassens Natural Food and Vitamins. Multiple locations in California and nationwide.
Ocean Beach People's Coop
San Diego.  All vegetarian market, vegan deli and bakery
Pacific Coast Greens MALIBU: FULL SERVICE Natural Gourmet Market - "The Natural Choice"
Panera Bread Handcrafted, artisan breads baked fresh. Select organic & natural menu
Paradise Pantry Artisan wine and cheese market. Ventura, CA.
Petaluma Cream. Petaluma Creamery, Spring Hill Jersey "Estate" Cheese, NO artificial hormones.
Rainbow Bridge Natural Food Store and Restaurant. Ojai, CA.
Rainbow Grocery A worker owned cooperative providing affordable vegetarian food products
Rains of Ojai A Specialty Department Store. Family owned and operated since 1914.
Raw Star Recipies Bryan Au. Organic meals, snacks, & desserts in 10 minutes. Raw, vegan.
SOL Bistro and Market
Bistro and Store with locally sourced food products.   San Diego, CA
Somis Nut House Candies, Nuts, Fruits, and Goodies for over 50 years.
Taylor's Market
A combo of old-fashioned service and local brands.  Sacramento, CA
Trader Joes Neighborhood Grocers. Specialty foods, organic, natural, & locally grown
Westridge Market Premium meats, organic produce, organic and natural foods. Ojai, CA.
Whole Foods Whole Foods Market. Selling the highest quality natural & organic products.



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Health Food Stores


Agoura Meadows    Health Foods, Serving Agoura on Kanan Road for over 30 years 
GNC - Live Well    Herbs, natural remedies, super fruits and botanicals, whole food supplements & tea 
Harvest Health Food    An organic health food store dedicated to bringing you the freshest produce, raw  and gluten free foods, vitamins, minerals,  & many other health related products. 
Lassen's    Providing fresh, organic foods, the highest quality vitamins and supplements, and a source of reliable nutrition information
My Natural Market    Our selection of organic vitamins & supplements complement your healthy lifestyle
Vitamin World    The highest quality vitamins and supplements at everyday low prices



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Organic and Fair Trade Together. The Gold Standard for Sustainable Agriculture. Also, check out "For a Better World" Magazine.   

 A Fair Trade food system- empowers farmers and consumers, supports small farmer co-ops, uses sustainable farming methods

  Discover gifts, home decor, jewelry and accessories handcrafted from recycled and sustainable materials by fairly paid artisans around the world.


foods       drinks      snacks      spices, oils, flavorings      groceries & food artisans      food stores        fair world-equal exchange        back to top   

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