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Holistic Nutrition
  Holistic Emma: Covers the education & career opportunities in Holistic Nutrition.



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Adya Magnetic sulfate minerals from black mica. www.ionNes.com
Mats for yoga, pilates, and all forms of exercise made of biodegradeble jute
Arbonne  Educates & informs consumers about healthy & beauty products from Arbonne Int'l,
Aubrey Organics Color your world naturally. Certified natural colors from sustainable ingredients.
Bed of Nails
A new path to a healthier life - a thin mattress covered by 8,8320 plastic nails.  Improves circulation, increases energy, reduces stress and anxiety, relieves tension, aches, and pains
doTERRA Therapeutic-grade essential oils from indigenous plants - emotional & spiritual
Earth's Living  Bringing the power of pure calcium bentonite clay to people who are seeking natural, alternative remedies that promote health & wellness for yourself and your pets.
Connects you to the earth to feel healthy and vibrant. 
Earthlite Candles
Candles made of natural coconut wax.
Eco-Smart Omega-3
An eco-product made from a highly sustainable species of calamari, harvested for food and using the remaining omega-3 rich oil.
Aromatherapy shower kit.  Delivers revitalizing essential oils into your shower stream at the perfect rate, leaving your skin soft and mind and body refreshed.
Gentle detox for the whole body. Dietary Supplement. Premium herbal formula.
Gaia Herbs
Get proof of the purity, integrity, and potency in every Gaia Herbs product using our industry-first herb traceability program.
Health Mate Saunas  Infrared sauna with HUGE health benefits. FSC certified cedar wood. 
Herbal Advantage
Herbs for everything from acne to wrinkles. Stevia, spices, essential oils, teas +
Herbal Healer  Global supplier of safe, natural medicine, correspondence, education, & research 
LampeBERGER Fragrances and essential oils for a sense of complete well-being
oncle daddy's Potpourri. A scent for your smile. Floral & essential oils. Scented candles.
Scentsy Warm, enliven, inspire. A safe, wickless alternative to scented candles.
Setria A tripeptide that can help replenish the body's reserves that may be depleted as a result of poor diet, stress, pollution, and even the natural aging process.
Nutritional vitamins and supplements.  "True Health & True Wealth"
Vevolution Virtuous.  Organic.  Wild.  Organic superfood for mind, skin, & body. 
Vibrational Nutrition  Vibrational Nutrition: The Vibragenics Process; stealth technology here today to balance the energetics of your body naturally and efficiently.
Young Living Nature's Medicine Chest. Healer, Educator, & Distributor. Carla's Great Oils
Zion Healing Ion therapy unit. Footspa detoxification treatments for the entire body.

EuroPharma.com is a website providing information about the European pharmaceutical industry.  (Also see europharmausa.com )

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Acai    Incredible source of antioxidants, healthy omegas, protein, & dietary fiber 
Alive    Ultra potency once daily multi-vitamins packed with 26 fruits & vegetables
Amazon Herb    Discover the botanical treasures of the Rainforest. Packed with natural antioxidants, age-defying compounds, and a host of wonders science has yet to reveal 
American Health    Probiotics never tasted so good - helps maintain digestive health
AmeriHerb    Over 500 organic and wildcraftd herbs and spices 
BJ's Lavender & Herbs
  Lavender for culinary and crafts.  Culinary and medicinal herbs of all types.
Bamboo Salt    Bamboo Salt. Healing tablets.  Specialty products. 
Barlean's    Omega-3 that tastes like dessert.  Perfect for the whole family! 
Billy's Infinity    Nutrient rich and health transforming blue-green algaes, herbs, antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes.  Superfood Greens & Immune boosting C.  Protein. Bars.
Bio-K+    All probiotic. No Yogurt.  Made of 100% patented probiotic bacteria as cultured dairy, fermented soy & fermented ORGANIC rice. 
Bloom Herbal
  Physicial-formulated wellness drops for an organic approach to allergy relief, sinus relief, cough relief, recovery and immune system booster
Botanica    An ancient tonic for the modern world.  Using organic & fair trade ingredients. 
CELLFOOD   Oxygen + nutrient supplement to clean and detoxify your body from inside out 
Chi Herbal   Asian Herbal Treatments for the Body, Mind, & Spirit
Core Bamboo
  Grind peppercorns or pesto ingredients with ancient kitchen staple made with organically grown bamboo
Cosmo's Vegan   Great variety of Vegan products:  Supplements, cosmetics, food, gifts. 
Emotional Eating   Emotional Eating Support. Original flower remedies are natural, safe, & gentle
Fungi Perfecti
  Source for medicinal mushroom products and information. 
Gaia Herbs
  Oversees from seed to shelf - certified-organic herbs from Pacific Northwest & Peru
Genesis Today
  Natural weight management.  Gluten Free, No Binders, No Fillers, No Lactose, Vegetarian Capsules, Vegetarian
Go Green Nopal
  Non GMO, no preservatives, sugar, fat. All natural, fresh,high anti-oxidants, high fiber, source of vitamin B's, high calcium & iron
  Follow your gut to the healing powers of Kombucha.  Immunity. Energy. Anti-oxidant.
Health Force    Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, TruGanic(tm) Hard-Core, Whole Food Nutrition. 
Herb Pharm
  Digestive Bitters compound.  Eat well, digest well and be well.
Herbal Advantage
  Offers hundreds of herbs:  Stevia, spices, essential oils, herbal teas & herb capsules
Hilmar Furuvald
  The world’s first foundational supplement based on Longevity Hot Spot Research.
G W Health
  Health products & organic cures & dietary supplements, by radiantgreens.com
Health Ade
  A bubbly probiotic tea.  energy & immune booster, anti-oxident
  Adaptation(tm) supplements and Lucky Greens(tm) superfoods
MeciCann    Safe, Natural Medicine.  Medicinal cannibus site. 
MOXXOR   All natural Omega-3 & antioxidant. No proteins. Email: tangokitties@yahoo.com  
Native Forest    The Herb Shed.  Remedies that reconcile maintaining good health for body, mind, & spirit. 
New Chapter
  Formulated from whole plants in their pure form from organic fruits, vegetables, herbs & cultured probiotics.  Never uses synthetic ingredients or chemicals.
Nutiva    Nourishing people & planet.  Coconut Manna(tm), Coconut oil, Chia Seed, Hemp oil, Hempseed, Hemp protein.
  Herbal remedies relieve aches and pains, cool sore throats, enhance breathing passages, calm coughs.  Sugar free. Gluten free.  No color added.
  Simply add ":Organic Meets Good" to your daily meals and turn your standard foods into superfoods!
RAAW    It Tastes Raw(r) juices made from fruit & vegetables.  NO water. NO sugar. NO preservatives.  Passion Fruit Wheatgrass  & Raspberry Lemongrass.
Radiant Greens
  Boosts energy and immune system, mental alertness, weight loss, cholesterol & fat emulsifer, improved hair, skin, and nails.
Rainbow Light
  Nutritional systems and superfood extracts delivered in formulations with plant-source enzymes & probiotics to aid in absorption
  Amazing Grass.  Concentrated raw green foods harvested from the land & the sea.
Sambazon    Acai berry drink with powerful antioxidants. Superhealthy, supertasty, supergood. 
Shaklee    Natural and organic vitamins and supplements 
Shaklee- L.A.   Eco-friendly products, socially responsible, chemical free products of the highest quality. Non-profit fund-raising programs available.
Shentrition    Ultimate wellness formula: Hemp seed, greens, superfoods, fruits, adaptogenic herbs 
Spectrun Organics    Organic fish oil supplements
Spring Dragon   Explore the whole realm of tonic herbs and superfoods
Sun Potion
  Herbs, supplements, and transformational foods.
Sun Warrior
  Illiuminate body, mind, and planet with RAW, VEGAN, SUPERFOODS.  Soy free, dairy free, non-GMO, and Hypoallergenic. Protein supplements/powders with no artificial colors, animal products, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, added sugar, wheat, or yeast.
Super Good Stuff
  Nutrients for vibrant health.   Your source for vitamins and nutritional supplements.
Tubular Spices
  Simply organic spics in modern,test tube-like containers. Brookfield Spice Rack.
Vega Sport
  Complete meal alternative. Add water, shake & drink.  100% RDI vitamins & minerals.
Vegan Proteins    Herbivore musculature fuel stop.  Vegan proteins & energizer. 
Vemma   The most complete liquid nutrition product on the market today
Welltrients   Where wellness and nutrients come together
  Promotes production of Alpha Waves, which help you stay Calm, Sharp & Focused.


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  Reduces anxiety levels and bring on sleep.  It can also can sooth upset stomachs and may relieve menstrual cramps.  Drink using dried flowers to make a tea.
  Enhances enzymes that detoxify carcinogens, quench oxidation, & inhibit proliferation of cancer cells.   Maximize by eating raw in dressings, dips, soups, and sauces.
Milk Thistles
  Protects the liver and also has cancer-protective effects. Promotes repair of DNA. Available as a tincture or extract. Can use ground seeds in tea or atop foods.  Artichokes also contain some of same similar compounds.
  contain polysaccharides and other ingredients that enhance immunity and have anti-cancer properties.  All mushrooms are beneficial butshiitake and maitake are more readily available.
  Contains a compound called carvacrol which helps prevent inflammation, which may help it protect against arthritis.  Also high in several anti-oxidants including phenols & flavonoids.  Eat in classic Italian sauces.  Add to poultry, seafood and more.
  A potent stomach-soother & relieve digestive distress. Menthol, its active ingredient, helps treat colds and congestion.  Great in tea, muddled & mixed with soda water.
  Contains more than a dozen anti-oxidants that can aid in memory retention and may help ward off Alzheimer's disease. Classic flavoring for chicken, beef, pork, fish, potatoes or flatbread.
  Excellent source of vitamin K and numerous anti-oxidants. Particularly effective against oxidative stress in liver cells. Use with meats & cream sauces, in sausages, stuffings & baked goods
  Black, green and oolong tea contribute to a reduced gastrointestinal, pancreatic, bladder, prostate, ovarian, uterine and breast cancer.  Green tea is the most effective. Drink 3-5 cups a day.
  Used to treat coughs, bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma.  Use to flavor soups, stocks and stews.  A crucial element in French and Middle Eastern dishes.
  Contains potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances.Curcumin, a key chemical in turmeric, can inhibit cancer cell growth & migration & induce cancer cells to die.  Curried foods contain pepper and oil which improve absorption.


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Acutronics (email)   Harmonic attunement rooted in Oriental medicine 
Aplhabiotic Balance
  Using a hands-on process, we relieve stress in brain & nervous system
Alternative Cancer Therapies    Non-toxic therapies, eating naturally grown foods, non-invasive screening tests.  Also help for arthritis, diabetes, MS & heart disease. 
Ashwood Holistic Dentistry   Modern, Holistic and Safe . . . This is the Dentistry You’ve Been Waiting For
Avaness, Christina
  Living Beyond Organic.  Nutritional Knowledge Redefined.  FOOD ALCHEMY.
Baby Boomers   Baby boomers anti-aging.  Certified sports nutritionist, C.C. Carson. 
Balanced Lifestyle Therapies    Woodland Hills, Raja Energy(tm) Healer
Biological/ Homeopathic dentistry
  Metal-free zirconia implants, mercury-free dentistry, Non-extraction braces for teens and adults, biological treatment of gum disease
Birthwell LA   Childbirth services: Prenatal care, Women's health, Nutrition, Midwives
BODYFIX    Massage therapy
Breema    The nature of Reality:  Nine principles of harmony. 
Center for Holistic Dentistry
  Discover a preventive approach to dentistry focusing on the overall balance and harmony of the body.
Certified Health Nut    Troy Casey.  Using the CHEK HLC coaching system: Holistic lifestyle coach. 
Compassion Exercise
  The Compassion Project.   Develop a personal sense of peace
Create Your Health
  Solutions for creating a vibrant & healthy life with a Body, Mind, Spirit
Delgado Protocol
  Advanced therapies, life-coaching, herbal supplements, hormonal intervention. Natural anti-aging solutions.
Dent-All by Dr. Z
  Advanced dentistry, improving optimal health and wellness. Naturalpathic and holistic.
Emily Dashiell, ND    Naturopathic Medical Doctor - supporting the healing power of natue 
Food Apothecary    Natural healing specialist, health and wellness coach
Green Health Acupuncture
  Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, holistic dermatology, hypothyroid solutions, blood chemistry analysis, more
Healing News 
  World leader in health and healing news
Holistic Moms    Holistic moms network.  Moms helping moms develop healthy, holistic lifestyles 
Holistic Therapies    Rebalancing the body and mind using natural remedies 

Jill Kraft, Holistic Health

  Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching for environmental stewards, creative entrepreneurs, conscious solution oriented individuals and companies.
Ki Energy World    Self-Healing Classes taught by highly experienced masters. This is an excellent way to stay healthy and attain your physical, mental and spiritual potential.
Leap Frog Yoga    Teaching children and teens the benefits of yoga 
Linda Penny    Holistic healer and teacher.  Vibrational healing.  Kinesiologist. Sound Therapist. Reiki Master. 
M.D. Integrative Wellness
  Holistic physician. Nutrition & Wellness, Longevity, child & family health, weight management, metabolic disorders. Optimize Your Health.
Malibu Acupuncture    & Herbs
  Acupuncture, herbal remedies, nutrition, functional medicine, and massage
mokshayoga    A green, clean, hot yoga series - stretches, strengthens & tones mucles
Naturopathic Medicine   Health care - uses natural methods & substances to stimulate self-healing
Non-GMO Guide    How to avoid foods with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) 
Pearl Zadeh, DDS
  Bio-compatible cosmetic & general dentistry

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Based on Stephen Hercy, AKA Dr. Fitness USA’s lifelong work inspired by Carl Jung’s philosophyDispels the most commonly misunderstood myths about fitness & chronic pain plus right/left brain and exercise. Yes it matters ! Holistic approach to transforming your life through bodybuilding

Realize Health   Primary care doctors who use advanced diagnostics & natural medicine to prevent disease, treat acute illnesses & permanently reverse chronic health conditions. 
Sage Wellness    Los Angeles-based corporate-wellness company that creates customized, holistic educational programs & offers one-on-one health counseling services
Shen Life (tm)   It's a lifestyle ... reach for it!  ALSO see:  www.GetShen.com for product store. 
Sukyo Mahikari    Centers for Spiritual Development teach the transmission of light energy that purifies the spiritual aspect of people and all things.
Three Min Start
  Simple techniques to radically improve mood and reduce stress
Turning Point Pilates
  Classical pilates.  Westside Los Angeles Best.
Upper Cervical
  Health Care Centers of America.  Cervical care.  Also see UpperNeck.com
Vegan Spirituality    Explore veganism as a spiritual practice 
Vote Hemp   working to revitalize industrial hemp production in the U.S. 
Well People
  Whole person wellness solutions.  Online program for wellbeing.
Your Life & Soul
  Life and soul coaching. Hypnotherapy and Archetypal Imagry.


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Bates Chiropractic   

Camarillo chiropractor. "7 days without an adjustment makes one week."   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6c2gO_KV50&feature=related

Brandey Dollens    Family chiropractor for your optimal health, Studio City. 
Healthwise     Healthwise Chiropractic, Glendale.  Annie Issagholyan
INNATE    Pasadena family chiropractic:  Drs. Adana Moses / Christopher Vargas 
Innate Force   

West Hollywood, Innate Force Chiropractic: Dr. Molly Casey



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Certified Natural Health Professionals
  Take control of your health.  Offers seminars across the country on Nutrition, Holistic Health, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Sustainability, Herbology, and more.


  Reassurance, breaking news, or dealing with health insurer; this non-profit won't let you down.
  Answers to literally tens of thousands of questions posted by category on this site.
  Go here upon diagnosis or warning.  Covers everything from tracking blood sugar to recipe modification
  Type in your age, diabetes status and race - this government web site matches you with appropriate publications, videos, & podcasts
  From the American Psychiatric Association, discussions of nearly every mental health concern, tailored advice for special groups
  Support including in-person and live online groups and links to local health. National Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance.
  Sample weekly workout plans from Centers for Disease Control & Preservation
  With some 200 workouts, this American Council on Exercise site helps you avoid guilt about not getting to the gym.
  Info from the National Institutes of Health covers more than 900 conditions and includes a guide to thousands of drugs and supplements
  "Sympton Checker" flow charts at web home of American Academy of Family Physicians.  Clues as to when that "funny feeling" calls for a trip to the ER
  The American Heart Association's patient site is info-loaded - prevention tips, recipes, a CPR video and more
  Offers an online community and lints to its Sister Match program, which connects heart patients to trained support volunteers
  Into on nutrition and food safety; special sections for vegetarians, athletes, and other groups plus "get real" reviews of popular diets.



  For anyone baffled by the government's MyPlate program, Harvard offers an easier-to-use blueprint for planning healthy meals


  Can cause nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure or respiratory system failure
Bitter Orange
  Linked to fainting, heart attack, stroke or death
  Can lead to liver damage and kidney problems
Colloidal Silver
  May lead to side effects such as blue-tinted skin, neurological & kidney damage
  Linked to liver damage and cancer
  Linked to liver damage and cancer
Country Mallow
  Can cause heart attack, stroke or death
Greater Celandine
  Risk of liver damage
  Risk of liver damage
  Can lead to low blood pressure, coma or death
*Not FDA Regulated   Pay attention to ingredients in all supplements. You may check FDA warnings at this site:  www.fda.gov/food/dietarysupplements/alerts/default.htm




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The most powerful health assessment on the internet                        

  • Easy to Complete Online Questionnaire
  • Your Personal Health Assessment is generated Instantly and can be downloaded to your computer
  • The Meschino Health Assessment is a 15 to 20 page comprehensive report complete with diet, lifestyle and supplement considerations that are specific to your profile.

The Meschino Health Assessment is a free service created by Dr. James Meschino. The feedback in your report is based on your answers to the questions in the Health Assessment, and highlights the dietary, lifestyle and supplementation practices that are best suited to your circumstances, according to currently available scientific studies

The Meschino Health Assessment is a Free Service  


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